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Opinions on Cargo Claims & Loading Techniques

Opinions on Cargo Claims & Loading Techniques

All Boat Survey engineers have the structural engineering expertise and tools necessary to provide engineering solutions for all phases of structural design. Our experience includes design and analysis of hull girder scantlings using first principles as well as applying classification society rules. Our approach to designing of ship’s scantlings is an iterative process involving successive calculations, varying potential ship’s geometry to converge on the most efficient, lightest weight structure within the parameters of the overarching requirements document considering overall service life, fatigue, damage tolerance and corrosion.

We do :

  • Field-engineering
  • Layout of structure
  • Piping Mechanic component
  • Tribal Class conversion and modernization project
  • Design Construction
  • Equipment Department
  • Structural Fire Protection

Our client :

Our expertise in marine surveying, safety Inspection, ship design and building has served many client such as :

·         Vard Marine Inc.,
·         STX Marine Inc.,
·         Transport Canada Marine Safety
·         Conmarke USA, Inc, 
·         Guido Perla & Associates,
·         Elliot Bay Design Group,
·         Strom Engineering of Florida. Inc,
·         Litton, Avondale Industries Inc,
·         Kvaerner Masa Marine Inc,
·         Axton Manufacturing Ltd,
·         Peter S. Hatfield Ltd,
·         Catamaran Ferry International,
·         Comfact Engineering and Marine Design,
·         Alabama Shipyard,
·         Navtech Inc,
·         MIL Davie,
·         STAN


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