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Opinions on Cargo Claims & Loading Techniques

Opinions on Cargo Claims & Loading Techniques

We provide full project management support both at a design level and through the entire project. We use the latest software to help track design progress and maintain a database to help keep track of all changes and revisions to the project. We can work with the owner in a variety of ways to help get the project done on time and on budget. Services offered: Full Project Supervision, Yard Supervision, External Audits.


  • Opinions on Cargo Claims & Loading Techniques.
  • Port Warden
  • Choose and purchase material to to be installed on board
  • Prepare and transmit work pack for the shipyard production
  • Supervise and verify fabrication and installation on board
  • Fire Safety Standards and Regulations for the new Canada Shipping Act 2001 (CSA 2001).
  • Lifesaving Equipment approvals and delegation to Classification Society
  • New construction project management
  • Oversight in local shipyard
  • Witness inclining experiment
  • Review and approve plans and stability booklet
  • Recommendation and review on National Policies and Program
  • Audit of Delegated Vessel to Classification Society


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